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Girl outline Template by Megnificant-Stock Girl outline Template by Megnificant-Stock
Hi everyone!

sorry i haven't been on in SO long!

i just recently had surgery, and taking pictures of myself [and other things] have taken backburner.

I'd like to reward you all with something a little different. This is a drawing of a female body outline, it may not be accurate or realistic, but i dont really care :D

This is to help upandcoming artists here on dA with drawing the female body. i have a lot of trouble doing it, so i felt that this would help a lot.

As for all my posts, this is like all the rest.

you MUST tell me you're using it, and you MUST link me to your deviation, as well as give me credit for providing the outline.

i used it on my :iconasmallglimmer: account to draw Robochick 2009 XD
she's one sexy robot

i encourage everyone to take this strictly as a base, and i definitely feel that whoever uses it change the way the arms are, legs are, boobie's size and so on. This is a base, you're more than welcome to change it up

[just give me some credit, won't ya?!]

I love you all, and more pictures will be on their way eventually! i promise!!!

i just have to recover first :/
tvlookplay Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
the boobs are :omfg:
the arms are lil to straight
curve them up a lil will ya :P

much better then me though :d
Megnificant-Stock Featured By Owner May 14, 2009   Photographer
they're supposed to be, but like i said in the comments, this is meant to be messed with and changed around
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May 10, 2009
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